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Where did it all begin?

We are three friends and all of us originate from the Bengal Region of the Indian Sub-Continent – South Asia. Over the last forty years, apart from sharing interests in many other fields, we have derived untold pleasure in exchanging recipes and helping each other to cook for dinner parties, large and small. We then decided that it was the appropriate time for us to share our culinary products with people who were connoisseurs of authentic home cooked “Indian Food” – cooked by people with passion for cooking.

About The Regional Cooking:

The most interesting feature of the dishes we are offering was the fact that it reflected the best of Bengali as well Mughlai food. Bengal is famous for its fresh-water fish, king prawns, a wide range of vegetables and variety of meat. It is the flair with which each of us uses these ingredients and blends them with a wide range of spices and fresh herbs to cook the various dishes that makes the menu on offer unique. It is extremely fortunate that because London is the best place to buy all the authentic ingredients, we are able to offer you our Regional Cooking with all the rich flavours and mouth-watering tastes.
One Begum Reba had the expertise of cooking various vegetable and curries and a variety of dal preparation – it was amazing! Such delicious vegetable and dal curries could only be produced using her recipes she learnt from her mother… Cooking was not her profession but her PASSION!
The second Begum Akhtari had the expertise in producing Mughlai (Indian food influenced by the Moghuls who ruled for 200 years and left their mark in all walks of life including the culinary journey!) food mouth-watering delicious food. So the food and recipes we could offer was very much enriched…
So what did I, Shahwar, the third Begum offer? I suppose my expertise was cooking the everyday fish, chicken, lamb beef and also some of the special party food…
However, poor health has affected all of us, some more so than others but we still meet up and discuss how our recipes and cooking methods had evolved over the years. I suppose the YouTube channel is my path now – inspired and helped by my daughter!